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ADECO Project Engineering BV


ADECO Project Engineering B.V., founded in 1985, is an enterprise specialised in designing, implementing and maintaining integral industrial automation projects.

We are nationally and internationally active for production companies, particularly the food industry, engineering works and logistic companies. Hereby respecting the applicable national and international regulations, guidelines and standards. Our staff is therefore thoroughly aware of all applicable standards and specifications. In case we accept projects as a principal contractor, our experts work closely together with our client or the manufacturing business. Obviously ADECO also takes on projects as a subcontractor. Our fundamental idea is to look for the most practical and economic solution together with our clients. This has led, amongst other things, to completely new or improved installations and methodologies.

Therefore ADECO automates and modernizes existing plants all over the world. We have a vast experience, and because we deal with operational plants often there is time pressure. Because of our experience and expertise we are able to make a precise schedule to keep your production stops as short as possible.

Furthermore ADECO is an outstanding partner for the supply of spare parts. Hence ADECO advises about and supplies spare parts for machines and process installations to enterprises all over the world. Besides all kinds of original parts we are also able to offer suitable alternatives.

ADECO is a flexible, trustworthy and competent partner. We deliver excellent quality, in time and with a price guarantee.

It goes without saying that our clients involve us increasingly more intensively in their projects and more often invoke our expertise.
Not without reason our slogan is: We provide solutions!

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