Kleasterdyk 56
8831 XC Winsum
The Netherlands


Kleasterdyk 56
8831 XC Winsum
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 517-342 313

Friamco BV

Friamco BV and Recoma BV have been active for decades in the design, manufacture and installation of piping systems, tank and equipment construction and complete skids for the process industry. Recoma has its origins in the installation of steam pipes and other utilities in industrial applications, both building-bound and in sea-going vessels. Friamco has her background in equipment construction. With a total of 45 employees, we are happy to work for our customers in various sectors (chemical, food, pharmacy, dairy, bulk, paper, shipbuilding, etc.)
Our engineers are well able to think along with customers in order to arrive at the best possible solution, based on a vision of functionality, manufacturability and costs. Drawings are set up as required in 2D or 3D Inventor. In terms of standards and regulations, etc., we are sufficiently familiar with:

  • Design, calculation and manufacture according to EN13445 and the provisions in the PED
  • Design, calculation and manufacture of platforms, etc. in accordance with EN 1090 (stainless steel and CS)
  • Sanitary design (EHEDG)
  • FDA regulations
  • Gas-safe systems according to EN-15001-1
  • Design rules and realization of steam installations

Projects are realized entirely in-house on location or in our production hall in Winsum. FAT and SAT are logged and included in the manufacturing books. Our employees are all VCA certified and we have a sufficiently wide range of welder qualification according to EN ISO 9606-1.

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