Daniëlsweg 21
4451 HP Heinkenszand
The Netherlands


Daniëlsweg 21
4451 HP Heinkenszand
The Netherlands


LW Projects & Services (LWPS)

Delivering quality work at the request of the customer is central to us

LW Projects & Services can be hired by companies to lead projects in the field of piping. Managing the pipe fitters and certified photo welders are the core tasks of the company and this is carried out full-time.
Leroy Wehmuller is an all-round 1st pipe fitter and photo welder and can also assist where necessary during the management of the projects. Fitting and welding activities, projects accepted and directing activities are also possible. We have 2 separate workshops where steel and precious metals can be processed separately. The workshops are practically equipped for the various directing activities and accepted assignments in the field of prefab and series work. If there is a need for extra manpower, LWPS has a network that can be relied on and can then meet the demand by supplying personnel. LWPS can also help with a shortage of welding machines and various tools by means of Rental. LWPS is also the right place for constructions and construction work. Characteristic is the way in which we think along with the clients in the various phases of an assignment. This means from the idea of ​​the customer, to concrete request, implementation and delivery. LW Projects & Services stands for a good balance between quality, quantity and flexibility, enabling us to carry out assignments quickly and professionally.

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