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We maintain a long-standing relationship with many of our customers in the food technology sector.

We understand that our clients are operating in a competitive business and that we can only distinguish ourselves with high-quality products and on-time delivery-schedules. That is of major importance in this market. To achieve this flexibility we manufacture certain standardized parts to stock in order to be able to assemble the end-products within strict deadlines.

In addition to that we have three production locations which enables us to expand our capacity at short notice.

All the equipment Orangeworks designs, manufactures and installs has one overall objective: reliability.

Whether it is a standard conveyor belt, part of a skid or a complex processing installation, the reliability of the equipment is essential.

To achieve this we confer extensively with our clients. Creativity and inventiveness are at the basis of finding the optimal solutions and the best final result. Everything will be dealt with within the stated constraints of time, budget and quality.

Orangeworks is also active in the environmental industry were we supply for example flotation and filtration units.

This equipment is made by qualified personnel using certified methods. Using certified and traceable material. The final product will be proven and tested using radiographic, ultrasonic and/or magnetic test equipment.



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