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RIJKERS Process Technology

Talk about process technology and you talk about RIJKERS. For years we have been developing reliable process technologies and installations which are perfectly coordinated to your situation and your objectives.

The most important advantages in collaborating with RIJKERS:

  • Reliable process solutions with minimal complexity.
  • Efficient support and advice at the start of your project to realise installations with minimal operational cost, maximal continuity and an optimal return on investment.
  • Innovative and active participation in your process problems.
  • Years of experience in complete projects or partial solutions in the area of process installations for dry and liquid raw materials.
  • Solutions for complete projects, but also for separate modules for storage, conveying, metering, weighing and blending.
  • Proven solutions for materials requiring extra attention due to flow properties or hazard classification.
  • Reliable service during replacement, expansion and periodic or preventive maintenance of existing installations.
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