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S.K.S. B.V.

S.K.S. is a stockholding wholesaler, specializing in stainless steel piping and process components for the light process industry.
Based on several years of experience we have put together a comprehensive package in which we even offer the possibility to choose from different price/quality levels. We have a complete package of installation materials in different sizes and models in this “supermarket”, as well as the matching process appendages by the leading brands.

We are able to take your needs into account based on our available stocks and know-how. If you decide to make use of our flexibility, you will be creating a “tailor-made” information and goods flow for yourself. The emphasis here is on availability, accessibility and reliable delivery.
We will try to clarify what this means for you with the keywords below.

Experience and specialization
You can communicate with a partner, who knows what you are talking about, is capable of thinking along with you and who is able to offer the ideal solution for your requirements based on the enormous possibilities within the S.K.S. package. We represent several brands and as a result are capable of giving objective advice regarding technical, commercial and/or logistical matters.

Constant quality and price level
We aspire to a clear and durable working relation, with you and with our suppliers, which requires consistent operating procedures. Once you have chosen a certain quality, we guarantee a fixed execution and price level. In addition this continuity is a guarantee for the current requirements as regards traceability. The Q-Fitt name is a widely accepted concept in the field of hygienic welding fittings and couplings.

Availability of the components
We are constantly evaluating our turnover and market demand. Based on these data we constantly adjust our stocks.
We have stocked our warehouse with piping components, which meet the current requirements and guidelines. Next to process appendages, we also stock essential spare parts by most leading manufacturers.
We ensure the local availability of spare parts and like to do this to the best of our ability. We even give delivery guarantees. Your specific needs can also be included in the agreements.
This means that you probably stand to benefit at logistics and financial level, and more importantly, your risk of a standstill is covered to the maximum.

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