Magazijnweg 3a
5071 NW Udenhout
The Netherlands


Magazijnweg 3a
5071 NW Udenhout
The Netherlands

+31 13 5113666

Van der Meijden Machines

At Van der Meijden Machines, we always develop the best solution for your product. Your demands for the product are our starting points. Our machine and plant construction department has flexible, specialised experts who come up with solutions together with you. This process sometimes results in an entirely new machine or production line that we design and construct. Other times we revise and/or modify your current machine, and we can often offer you a used, revised machine as well. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, our good technical knowledge, and because we work with the right machines and tools, we always realise high-quality custom solutions. Solutions that help you manufacture more efficiently and effectively.

Design and construction of new mechanical solutions
Following the product features you want, we deliver custom work. If your product would be best realised with an entirely new machine, we will design and manufacture it. But we are often able to offer a more affordable solution with machines and components that have been fully revised. We can also offer your machine and plant construction in SKID construction . If you wish, our employees can also support you with the functional design of your building, everything from engineering, transport and installation of your machines to operation and the training of operators.

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